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Support, Information and Awareness of Eating Disorders in Scotland



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Welcome to Our Website!


This website provides lots of different information about eating disorders, including types of eating disorders, signs and symptoms, how to get help and support, different types of treatment and therapy, eating disorders in males and older people, information about recovery, details about the services provided by No Bodies Perfect and lots more.


We hope that you can find what you are looking for on our website and that you find it a valuable source of information and support. While No Bodies Perfect is based in Scotland, this website is intended for use by anyone in the world, so please feel to browse the website and invite others to use it too. We really appreciate your opinions. If you have any comments about the website or would like to suggest any additions to the website, please feel free to get in touch with us. We want to offer a website that is valuable and helpful to you.


Enjoy browsing the No Bodies Perfect information website!



Our Motto is:

Your Voice Counts: Recovery Exists


This is the focus of the No Bodies Perfect charity and underlines everything we do. We believe recovery is possible and we also believe everyone with an eating disorder is entitled to have a voice and to express that voice.


No Bodies Perfect is concerned with providing support, information and raising awareness, particularly in Scotland. We are Scotland’s Charity for Eating Disorders (Registered Scottish Charity SC043354).


No Bodies Perfect involves Trustees, a Charity Director, Recovery Representatives and many volunteers who all give up their precious time to ensure No Bodies Perfect can do the things they do. We are exceptionally grateful to all our past and present volunteers for their hard work and dedication and to those people who also have helped us along the way. No Bodies Perfect (formerly The Positive Steps Eating Disorders Support Group) was founded by our Charity Director in May 2010 and we have come a long way since then. It initially began with three members and one group leader/facilitator who met in a healthy living centre in the west end of Glasgow for an hour once a week. It had a very basic website, no advertising, no business cards, no volunteers and just a few members – very few people knew about the group. Since then, the small group has grown into an established eating disorders charity in Glasgow and Scotland-wide and is known for its work all over the UK, and even to some people in the USA and Australia.


Our Charity Director founded the charity because of her own previous 14-year history with an eating disorder, primarily Anorexia, which started in her late teens. When she recovered, she knew she wanted to provide support for other people struggling with eating disorders. Her background in undergraduate and postgraduate psychology and counselling also heightened her aim of supporting other people with eating problems, particularly in Scotland.


The charity also involves other volunteers from various backgrounds. Volunteer positions include: Assistant Group Facilitators, Student Group Supervisor, Newsletter and Research Assistants, Recovery Representatives, Eating Disorders Community Awareness Assistant, Events and Fundraising Assistants, as well as those who are Charity Trustees. Many of our volunteers have completed training with the eating disorders charity Beat, British Psychological Society training in Managing Self-Harm, Volunteer Manager Training, amongst other things – we actively look out for new training opportunities for all our volunteers.



Our Eating Disorder Services


We have had 1000s of enquiries from individuals, psychologists, psychiatrists, charities, counsellors, colleges and universities, carers, community mental health teams and many more, either wanting to join the support group sessions or wanting more information about what we do. At the moment we offer the following:

  • Eating Disorder Support Group Sessions (weekly)
  • One-to-one Life Coaching Sessions
  • One-to-one Counselling and CBT Psychotherapy
  • Eating Disorders Official UK-wide Website
  • Eating Disorders Community Support Website
  • Community Writers
  • Self-Help Mentors
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Eating Disorders Community Development and Awareness Team
  • Information Service
  • Telephone InfoLine
  • PATS (Pets as Therapy Scheme)
  • Recovery Representatives Team
  • Eating Disorders Support Forum for Sufferers and Carers
  • Online Support and Live Chatroom
  • The Voice Eating Disorder Support Magazine
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Training Courses (for professionals, public, teachers, any anyone looking to learn more about eating disorders)
  • Student Eating Disorder Group
  • No Bodies Perfect Lending Library
  • No Bodies Perfect Book Club
  • No Bodies Perfect Coffee and Chat Club
  • Arts and Creative Classes
  • Workshops and Psychoeducation Groups
  • Stress Management Sessionss
  • Relaxation Classes
  • Fundraising and Events
  • Volunteering and Placement Opportunities
  • Friends of No Bodies Perfect Membership (coming soon)

We also hope to introduce various other services with more funding, so we will update this website accordingly.


The charity is very valuable to a great many people who are struggling with various forms of eating and food distress. We do receive a lot of enquiries from people all over Scotland who wish a similar service in their area, and we are planning to start more support groups in the future. Our members are from all areas – Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, Perth, Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverclyde, North and South Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, and Renfrewshire, and various other places – so we are not exclusively a ‘Glasgow’ charity.



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